March 8, 2007



Being a mechanical clutz earned me a couple of hours in the garden yesterday.  I disassembled the showerhead in order to clean all the lime out of it. While putting it back together I managed to break it. So I quickly drove over to Lowes to pick up a new showerhead. While I was there, 2 trays of begonias jumped into my cart; I didn’t even see it coming. So, of course, after installing the new showerhead I had to go out and plant those begonias. It was a beautiful afternoon with the temps in the mid 70’s and lots of sunshine; very relaxing and peaceful. Now we’ll see how long I’m able to keep the begonias alive.



  1. Very pretty! You must have a beautiful garden. I sometimes wish I was into gardening but my allergies prevent it. Gives me more sewing time though!

  2. A trip to Lowes or Home Depot always turns into more than I bargained for! The begonias are beautiful, and they survive in my garden quite nicely with little care.

  3. Those begonias! Gotta watch out for them!

  4. WOW! It’s nice to see signs of spring, even if it’s only on the net! I’ll be buried in snow until May!

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