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Quilts for Fallen Heroes

March 30, 2007

My friend Karen made the sharp little quilt to give to the Brook Army Medical Center here in San Antonio. I think it will make a great little wall hanging.



WIP Wednesday

March 28, 2007

And it is yet another Patriotic quilt headed for Brook Army Medical Center.


Will there be no end to the Fallen Heroes?


Next up

March 26, 2007

Next up on my quilting table for the Quilt Studio 40 Service Quilt Project is a cute little kid quilt. This is the one that Beth and Fran put together. I love how they alternated the strips of solar system fabric with 9 patch blocks. It works great! Good job, Fran and Beth!




March 22, 2007

The Yucca in my front yard is blooming this week.


It must take a lot of energy to produce such a bloom!!


Infinite Feathers

March 22, 2007

If you are looking for a great resource for ways to use feathers check out this book; Infinite Feathers Quilting Designs, by Anita Shackelford.


Ms Shackleford has included numerous ideas on how to use feathers creatively such as in pinwheels, rosettes, wreaths, medallions, ovals, hearts, lyres, swags, plumes, paisleys and borders. She gives step by step directions on how to lay out each design. Her directions focus mainly on formal feathers but there is also a section on longarm feathers and continuous-line designs.

The only thing that I didn’t like about the book is that it is based on the use of her own template called the Infinite Feathers Quilting Design Template. I had hoped to find the template in a little pocket in the back of the book, but no such luck. Now if I want to use the template I’m going to have to hunt it down and buy it. She does suggest if you don’t have the template to make your own; which I may do.

It will be a great resource to have on my book shelf and I’m sure it will get pulled out and used many times!


Better Late…

March 20, 2007

than never?!


This is my 12x12x12 journal quilt for February! It’s pretty simple and straight forward.The pieces have frayed edges and are simply glued in place. I then covered the whole thing with netting and quilted it.

I had fun playing with the values, but there are a lot of bad vibes for me with this one. I did most of it while sitting in my husband’s hospital room after his surgery, which was no fun at all! So this one is probably going to sit in the closet for a while until I get past that.


The Burrito Boy

March 16, 2007


This is a quilt that my guild made for the Storybook Quilt program. It goes with a book called The Burrito Boy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an image of the book to share with you.