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David’s Doodle 2

December 28, 2005

After all the Christmas festivities it is time to get back to my quilting.

My schedule says I will finish David’s Doodle in 3 days. Well, we’ll see about that! 🙂 It is almost half done. The piecing is very easy because the squares are large and simple and I am paper piecing it which I think simplifies the whole process. Also, finished in this case only means that it is pieced and bordered. I’ll be quilting it on my longarm after I get it later this month! So I think I will be able to stick to the schedule on this one.


Mansions in Minutes 6

December 27, 2005

Well, all the work was definately worth it! Christina loves the dollhouse! A big thank you to Santa, aka Ron, and all the elves who helped to complete it in time; Grandmom, Granddad, Grandma, David and Michael. It wouldn’t have gotten done without you!

Now, back to my quilting! 🙂


Christmas Stockings

December 24, 2005

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon will be there.

Christina’s stocking is hand appliqued and hand embroidered.
We lived in Hawaii while the boys were little. So I made their stockings with a fish motif and titled them Christmas on the reef. The fish are machine pieced and their eyes are hand appliqued.


Mansions in Minutes 5

December 23, 2005

Woohoo!! It is really starting to look like a house now! So we have to be very careful about keeping the door to the “DH room” closed and locked so Christina doesn’t see it. She doesn’t have a clue…yet. She must figure something is going on because mom spends so-o-o-o much time in there.

Next on the to do list is the roof. There is the main roof over the tops of all those gables and then there is a roof over the front porch that is held up by posts at the front corners. Once we get all the flat pieces in place there are a zillion little shingles to glue in place. Only 2 more days until Christmas!

(My Grandmother made the quilt peeking in at the left side of the photo. I’m not sure how old it is but I’m guessing at least 50 years.)


Mansions in Minutes 4

December 20, 2005

Yeah! The windows on the Mansion are all done! They even slide up and down as they are supposed to, thanks to my dad and his trusty file. In fact, they slide so well I had to tape the top one up for this picture. It keeps falling down to the bottom. I may end up glueing it in place.

Tomorrow’s challenge: The front door. It is all assembled but needs to be hung on its hinges. Yes, the door is supposed to swing open like a real door. I’m looking forward to it 🙂

Mansions in minutes; 5 days later we are on page 7 of 15 pages.


Merry Christmas!

December 20, 2005

My family and I

wish you all

a Merry Christmas


health and prosperity

in the New Year!


Mansions in Minutes 3

December 19, 2005

We have made good progress on the “Mansion”. We glued together all of the siding panels and painted them green. The green is a little lighter than what it looks like in the photo. Then we cut the trim for the windows. All of the trim came in long strips so each piece needs to be cut to fit. The window trim will be painted a cream color.

The windows are double hung sliders. They will actually slide up to open. The sliding parts are the green squares in this photo. They will be inserted between the two pieces of side trim on each side of each window.

I haven’t been getting any quilting done but hopefully I will be able to catch up after the Mansion in Minutes is completed. Let’s see… in the instructions we are on page 5 of 15. 🙂