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June 29, 2007

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein


Handwriting Woes

June 26, 2007

Ever since I broke my daughter’s crayons she will not make a mark with anything; not crayons, markers, chalk; not anything. Gentle suggestions will not move her to make a single mark.

“I can’t” she says.

But then yesterday I found some scribbles on a drawing I had done. I had traced a small sketch of the Alamo for a fabric postcard I was working on and I found it yesterday covered with scribbles from a disappearing marker.


Ah-ha! So mom’s drawings are enticing enough to get a small girl, who cannot draw, to draw. So here’s the plan: I have some Dover illustration books; state birds, state flowers ~Victorian Houses~. I’m going to trace off a bunch of those images and I’m going to sit down with her broken crayons and color! Hopefully this will entice her to sit down with me and get more comfortable with her crayons.

I’ll let you know how it goes!


Homesick Hoosier

June 25, 2007

This homesick Hoosier is headed home shortly ( I tried to find a word for shortly that started with h but couldn’t). 3 weeks of family, friends and fun! Ooh, and I’m taking a little sewing along too. The Viking is going along with fabric and thread for two projects.


The first project is a queen size quilt for my parents. Red and Cream in the Robbing Peter to Pay Paul pattern or as I am calling it, the Love Ring pattern. The pieces are all cut and I’m ready to sew all those curves! I even cut some extra curves to make scalloped edges… do I really want to bind scalloped edges?!


The second project is a lap quilt to use as a sample of my custom quilting. A new quilt shop opened up near here and I thought about taking some quilting in to show them my work. Until I realized I have nothing here that is worthy of showing. Thus this new project has been started. I’m thinking those cream colored areas will be a great spots for some feathers! Again, the pieces are all cut and just need to be sewn.

I have no disillusions that I will finish all of this while on vacation. But I want to be prepared. In case it ends up raining the whole time I am there, I’ll have plenty to keep my hands busy.


Hershey’s Chocolate

June 22, 2007


Currently I am quilting on this lovely Grandmother’s Flower Garden. I have a feeling that it has been sitting in a closet for a while until it was finally sold on eBay. Now it will soon enjoy the life of a full fledged quilt.


I am using a freehand technique that I believe is called Terry Twist. I’m still pretty new at all of these techniques so I’m still learning the names and tricks. I think it makes a nice little quilting pattern for this Grandmother’s Flower Garden.

But can anyone tell me why every time I work on this quilt I have a craving for a Hershey’s Chocolate Bar?


Quilts Delivered to BAMC

June 20, 2007


My quilt guild recently assembled 111 quilts to deliver to wounded soldiers at the Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio. The woman that headed up the project shared with me her experiences delivering those quilts to the center and I would like to share with you her words.

My husband and I drove up to the front of BAMC close to 10:00. There were soldiers sitting and waiting for the bus. They did not appear part of the wounded soldiers. We parked at the curb and I got out of the truck to wait for the captain who was to receive the quilts. (All 111 of them).

As I waited for the captain, I saw a soldier coming out of BAMC in a wheelchair. All of a sudden I thought – hey – while I am waiting why not give this man a quilt. I walked up to him and asked him if he would like to have a quilt. He looked up at me and his eyes lit up, and said “Sure”. I asked him if he would be able to handle it and he told me his Mother was coming and would help him. I asked him if he and been here long and said he had just gotten here. He had an injured leg.

The next soldier was was parking his van in the Handicap area and was extremely burned all over his body, BUT he was mobile, and independent. I walked over to him and presented him a quilt. As long as I live I will remember this young man who had the most beautiful blue eyes with dark long eyelashes. He smiled and said thank you. He must have been burned over 50% of his body and his face had been disfigured. What a brave soul.

Then I noticed a young woman using crutches walking with her Mother. I ran a quilt over to her. I asked her if she had been wounded in the War and she told me yes. I proceeded to present her with a quilt. Both she and her Mother were shocked, and yet her eyes lit up as I thanked her for her service.

The next young man was tall, nice looking, and either had an artificial leg, or had been severely burned on his right leg. He was mobile. I walked up to him and presented him with a quilt. His eyes lit up he keep thanking me for the quilt.

There was a young soldier with his mother who had been burned on his face. His mother and he were taken aback when presented the quilt and thanked for the young man’s service. But again, the eyes lit up with a smile.

Just as I turned around from presenting that quilt, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a young man hobbling to the waiting van. I picked up another quilt and hurried over to him. As he got into the van I presented him with a quilt. Again, the same light appeared in his eyes. He too thank me.

One of the soldiers who had received a quilt from me was getting into the same van and thanked me again, especially with the wonderful smile. I often worried that I would not be able to hold up to presenting a quilt to these seriously wounded soldiers, but they made it so easy for me.

During the last year there were so many times I became so tired, so exhausted, and so overwhelmed with the work that goes into a project like this, that I thought “I will be so glad to see these quilts go”! I guess God heard me because he certainly gave me a golden opportunity to see how great one can feel when they realize that the time and effort was really worth it. What a gift.

One last thing, I clung to the captain as I watched our beautiful quilts being wheeled into BAMC, it was like all of my children leaving home, and never to see them again. But, oh, won’t those soldier’s enjoy the fruits of our labor? Won’t they know they are loved and appreciated? YOU BET THEY WILL!!! I am so glad I pinned a letter to each quilt. It will be a memory for them forever.

Thank you all so very much for making this project such a success. Thank you for helping me fill a void in my life. But most of all, thank you for putting that twinkle in the soldier’s eyes.

God Bless All of You.


Me… Not Me

June 18, 2007

zcraftsmanq.jpg Me.

zclassicalq.jpg Not me.

zcrocsq.jpg Me.

zhighheelsq.jpg Not me.

z2007_volkswagen_rabbitq.jpg Me.

zbentley-full-side-exteriorq.jpg Not me.

zbrowncountybridgeq.jpg Me.

zgolden_gate_bridgeq.jpg Not me.

zteaq.jpg Me.

zcokeclassicq.jpg Not me.

zgrilledvegq.jpg Me.

zbeefbrisketq.jpgNot me.

000730.jpg Me.

zskiq.jpg Not me.

My husband says that I am a “low maintenance wife”. That is until we talk quilting. I’m definitely not low maintenance when it comes to quilting.

zafinal-013q.jpg Me.

zneedlereelsq.jpg Not me.

Thanks to Rian for sharing this meme.


3-in-1 Color Tool

June 14, 2007


Have you ever had trouble remembering the color of a fabric at home as you stand in the fabric store trying to choose fabrics for your next project? This is a neat little color tool that helps at moments like that. It was put together by Joen Wolfrom and is published by C&T Publishing.


The major part of the tool is the color cards; 24 cards showing the tints, shades and tones of 24 colors around the color wheel.


On the back of each card are illustrations of possible color plans utilizing that color; monochromatic, complementary, analogous, split-complementary, and triadic. Now, it is a pretty simple thing to figure out these color plans, but it is really nice to have them all laid out at a glance.


The tool also includes two value finders; green and red acetate that eliminates color and shows what the true values of your colors are. This comes in handy for determining the value contrast between fabrics.

This is all assemble into a neat little packet that is easy to carry with you when you go fabric shopping. Happy quilting!


Surfer Dude

June 8, 2007

Surfer Dude is surfing along.


Broken Crayons

June 7, 2007

I spent part of the morning yesterday breaking my daughter’s crayons.

No, I’m not a mean mom. Her new handwriting book says to only let her write with little bits of broken crayons. Apparently, having to hold on to the little bits of broken crayons will build up the strength in her fingers. Who would have thought?!! And all this time I thought I was only a good mom if all my kids had new boxes of clean, unbroken crayons with sharpened points and all of the paper intact. At least I was able to go back and sharpen the ends of her little bits of broken crayons. Here’s hoping for stronger fingers!


Surfer Dude

June 6, 2007

A friend of mine has asked me to quilt a surfer on her quilt. This one is from Laura Lee Fritz’s 250 More continuous-line Quilting Designs.


Ho-o-o. It’s going to take a bit more practice! Is that a surfer or an alien?!!