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An Artist

July 30, 2007


He who works with his hands is a laborer;


He who works with his hand and his head is an artisan;


He who works with his hand and his head and his heart is an artist.


T.V. Smith


Detail of Jan Vermeer’s The Art of Painting


Quilt Repair

July 27, 2007


On the bed in the guest room I have a yo-yo spread made by my husband’s grandmother. She died in the mid-1930’s so it has to be 70+ years old. She carefully gathered the edges of all of those circles and then stitched them all together to make a double sized spread.


At this point some of the stitches holding the yo-yos together are breaking. The fabric seems to be holding up OK but the thread is breaking down. So I am carefully sewing them back together. I feel as though Grandma Leta is looking over my shoulder with every stitch. So I am trying to make my stitches as small and invisible as possible!


WIP Wednesday

July 25, 2007

It has been a long time since I have posted my Work in Progress so I have a lot to show.


The first project I have to show is almost ready for the quilting table. All of the blocks are pieced and sewn together and part of the first border is in place. There will be one additional border in the ivory fabric. I am taking a class on feathers with Kathy Olsen in August so I am going to wait until after the class to quilt this one so I can put feathers in those ivory areas.


I was thinking of making a T-shirt quilt with the shirts and hats that my boys wore while in Little League. I’ve decided to put that project on the back burner for a while though. I would like to include on the quilt photos of the boys in their uniforms and with their teams and I need to get a new printer before I can do that.


And lastly I have a photo of the 102 Robbing Peter to Pay Paul blocks that I put together while on vacation. The Curve Master did a great job of helping me to make all those curved seams smooth. I think I will square them up before sewing them together, but other than that they are ready to go!

I’m looking forward to reading what others have been up to lately!


7 Things About Me

July 21, 2007

Brigitte tagged me for the 7 Things About Me meme. I am going to change it to 7 Things I did on my Summer Vacation.

indiana15q.jpg1. I single-handedly drove our van from San Antonio, Texas to Anderson, Indiana and back. A total of 2400 miles. Yikes!

indiana16q.jpg2. I met up with a friend that I went with to school; elementary through high school ( Hi, Betty!). I mentioned to her that all I remember about 2nd grade was getting in trouble. She replied that “Everyone got in trouble in Mrs. W’s class.” OK, I don’t feel so guilty any more! After a yummy lunch at a Chinese buffet we went to the local quilt shop and picked out some fabric for her first quilt project; a couple of throw pillows. She had some great ideas and found just the right fabric for it. I hope she sends me a picture when they are done! (hint, hint!).

indiana17q.jpg3. I did my first Sudoku puzzle. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, but I am still wondering, “What is the point?” As far as I can see there is only one redeeming feature about Sudoku puzzles. If I squint my eyes enough they start to look like a quilt pattern!

indiana18q.jpg4. We played the game Apples to Apples at my cousins’ house. It was a fun game! Everyone had fun, from the teenagers to their grandparents.

indiana19q.jpg5. I watched a lot of movies. My favorite was The Man From Snowy River. I also enjoyed Doc Hollywood and The Horsewhisperer.

sample-quiltq.jpg6. I sewed all of the blocks for two quilts.They both went faster than I thought they would go, so I ran out of sewing projects to work on while I was on vacation. It was all I could do to keep myself from going out to buy fabric for a new project!

indiana20q.jpg7. I spent a lot of time at the playground with my daughter, Christina. What fun!



July 20, 2007


A photo essay on my vacation in Indiana:

4th of July parade:




A hike along the White River in Mounds State Park:


The corn was tall and tasty:


And the flowers were blooming profusely:



We had a great time but are glad to be home!