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November 29, 2007


This is a lovely quilt pieced by one of my customers. I’m not sure of the name of the pattern but I love how it creates a secondary pattern. And Bev picked wonderful fabrics for it. I quilted it with the Popcorn panto. Enjoy the photos!






November 26, 2007

I’ve enjoyed reading about everyone’s Thanksgiving. Looks like everyone had a great day.


We had a great day here too. Earlier in the week Grandpa had been in the hospital and we thought we were going to have to take his turkey to him there. But he was able to get out on Tuesday and joined the festivities with us at our house. We were very thankful for that.

No shopping for me on Friday. I don’t like to shop when it is busy and I avoid crowds like the plague. So I stayed home and quilted on Friday! 🙂


One of the quilts that I finished quilting lately is this one drawn by a local Brownie troop and assembled by my good friend, Karen. This Christmas they are presenting it to the pastor of the church where their troop meets. The drawings are so cute!!


I did a simple panto, Popcorn by Jodi Beamish, on it in an ivory thread.

And now, to start on a new week…


Storybook Quilt

November 20, 2007

I’ve been working on a storybook quilt for my guild. Here are some close-up shots of some of the blocks:






And an overall of the top, unquilted:



Debbie Does Domestics

November 7, 2007

I have never claimed to be Heloise but I do try to run an efficient home. This week has included some real challenges.


I actually did some mending this week. I mended a shirt that had a hole in it and I sewed new zig-zag stitching around the dishcloths that were ragged. Why is it that mending just doesn’t have the joy linked to it that sewing a new quilt does?


I tried a new window cleaner; Club Soda! It is recommended in the book Green Clean. I used it on the bathroom mirror and it worked great! It left the mirror clean with no streaks! With the Club Soda I don’t have to worry about what kind of cancer I’ll be getting if I inhale while spraying. And, if I get thirsty, I can just take a swig!


I ran my husband’s cell phone through the washer. It might have been OK if I hadn’t been so efficient and put it through the dryer too. Apparently it is the heat that fried it. That was an expensive load of laundry. Maybe it would be cheaper to take the laundry to the cleaners. Now there’s a thought!!


And lastly, I put together this block for my guild’s November special project. You know the drill; everyone who makes a block gets their name thrown in a hat and the one name drawn gets all of the blocks. The block is called Pinwheel Star and we were to make it in black and “bright colors”. It was a very simple block to assemble. It used 2″ strips for all of the star parts. If I don’t win the blocks- which I won’t- I may make some more blocks for a quilt. I have a whole drawer full + of 2″ scrap strips that are ready to use.

I hope y’all have a great day and that you are able to meet your domestic challenges head on!



November 5, 2007

I read an interesting book last week; The Smart Woman’s Guide to Networking. The authors claim that networking is the skill you didn’t know you had. I never would have thought that it was a skill that I had.


The book explains that networking is often mistaken for its wicked stepsister; for something that requires an aggressive, pushy personality; pestering people you don’t know that well to get them to introduce you to people you don’t know at all and then forgetting them as soon as you realize they can’t give you any business or a job. That is not what networking is about.

Networking is better described by words like respect, integrity, sharing, commitment, giving, listening, curiosity and patience. It is the ongoing process of building and maintaining personal and professional relationships through reciprocal communication and sharing of information with individuals and groups of individuals. Everyone networks. Asking your neighbor for the name of a good lawn man is networking. Sharing the name of a good physician is networking. I have networked with other moms for years!

This book showed me that I already have a network and that I can grow that network to benefit myself, my family and others.


I Have a New Beau

November 2, 2007


I have a new beau;

Around him I like to sew.


He’s a colorful kind of guy;

His hats just make me sigh.


He is as quiet as a lamb;

His name is Sunbonnet Sam. 🙂