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Look, look.

August 27, 2007


One of the ladies at my guild is making these bags to sell for a church fund raiser. I had to have one. So one came home with me last weekend. I vaguely remember reading these books about Dick and Jane. I think the illustrations are great. And I love the typeface they used for the type.


Seems to me that the girl there is not Jane, but Dick’s sister, Sally. Is that right? And see Spot up there at the top? I don’t remember the kitten’s name. Does anyone remember it?


Anyway, it is going to make a great library bag.



August 24, 2007


Have a great weekend!


WIP Wednesday

August 22, 2007

The Robbing Peter to Pay Paul quilt is coming along nicely. I have 9 out of 11 rows assembled. Yea!


I’ve decided what I want to do with the border too. I had originally planned to put scallops along the edge but decided that wouldn’t work. If you notice in the photo, the scallops don’t meet in the corners so that would leave a weird little square area between each scallop. I couldn’t see myself binding an edge like that so I had to come up with another idea. I’ve decided to add half a block with only one curve. Each half-block will be red with a white scallop which I think will nicely finish the edges. It also adds a little to the width which is a good thing as it was coming out a little smaller than I had planned.



August 20, 2007


Don’t wait for inspiration; it comes while working.
Henri Matisse



The Red Room

Henri Matisse



WIP Wednesday

August 15, 2007

It is Work in Progress Wednesday again! My quilting machine is down for repairs this week so there is no quilting going on in my studio. But that can be considered a good thing because it is giving me some time to do some piecing.


I’ve started assembling the Robbing Peter to Pay Paul blocks. The blocks in the photo are sewn into rows but the rows haven’t been sewn together yet. I love how the circles show up when the blocks are sewn together.


I can tell that fall is on its way because I have started designing a fall quilt. I’ve been playing around with pumpkin images. The top left one was appliqu├ęd. Well, it looks more like a peach than a pumpkin. Next, bottom left, I did a pieced version with all straight lines- maybe it is a little too simple. On the right is the third version, pieced with curved lines. I’m pretty happy with it. But the jury is still out on which one I want to use and what I will use it for!!

And that is it for WIP Wednesday in my studio. I hope you have a quilty day.


Basting Glue Bottle

August 13, 2007


Have ya’ll seen this video by Sharon Schamber about turning your Elmer’s glue bottle into a basting glue bottle? I made one yesterday and it was really easy. I’ve already used it twice to turn under the edges of some applique I was working on. If you haven’t seen it, take a look and see if it is something that you might use too!

*NOTE: Sharon Schamber no longer has this video available but I posted a tutorial on my blog here. I hope it helps!


Scots Win Again!

August 9, 2007

The band at my high school, the Highland Scots, won the Indiana State Fair Band Contest!


Yea! Go Scots!