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Elmer’s Glue

August 28, 2009

Someone asked how I prepare my Elmer’s Glue bottles with a smaller spout. It is very simple and here is how I do that…

Supplies and tools:


Elmer’s Washable Glue; any size bottle will work.


Papermate mechanical pencils, 0.7 lead; only one pencil is needed per glue bottle.


Sharp scissors.


The process:


Remove the orange cap from the Elmer’s Glue bottle. It twists off and then takes a little jerk to to get it off.


With the scissors cut off about 1/16” of the top of the orange cap. You don’t need to cut off much but you just need to make the hole a little larger.


Next, remove the black tip from one mechanical pencil. It easily screws off.


Take the black tip and push it into the orange cap so it is tight inside the cap.


Replace the cap on the bottle.

The bottle will not close now. I’ve heard that some will use a knitting needle cap to cover the top when not in use. I just leave it open. The glue in the cap dries and I use a pin to open it up when I’m ready to use it.

I use the glue to baste seams before sewing, to baste bindings in place and to hold appliqué pieces in place before sewing. The glue washes right out in the first washing.


Back to school sales are a good time to stock up on Elmer’s Glue. Between my sewing and the kids’ crafting we can never have too much glue!

Happy Gluing… I mean Sewing!!



August 19, 2009

Sunflowers 9

My guild has a special project every month. Those participating make blocks of the chosen pattern and then a name is drawn from a hat for the winner of all the blocks. This month’s block is called Whirling Sunflowers. I like it… it’s perfect for fall, isn’t it? And there are a variety of ways to set it.

Sunflowers 10 Sunflowers 11

It also reminds me of some other sunflower blocks that I have designed. These are from the archives… way back:

Sunflowers 1Sunflowers 2Sunflowers 4Sunflowers 6 Sunflowers 7Sunflowers 8 I never did get around to making any of them. They are just Cyber-quilts. But maybe some day…


Paseo del Rio

August 12, 2009

I got to spend a little time with my camera at the San Antonio River Walk this week. Here are some of the random photos that I took and random thoughts that I had:

I have a little bit of a shady area in my yard where I’m having trouble getting anything to grow. So I took some photos of plants growing in the shade that I thought might do well in my yard.



The River Walk has lots of shady areas for a couple of reasons. The river is actually below street level with tall buildings on both sides, as though it were in a canyon. That reduces the amount of sunshine to reach the bottom. Also the trees grow really well along the river. It is one of the few places in Texas that actually has water.




The blue glasses with these table settings caught my eye.


I took a lot of pictures of stairways…




and pictures of tourists enjoying the day…IMG_4549



It was a pleasant morning and I came home refreshed even though temperatures were over 100 degrees.


Egg Money

August 5, 2009

I just finished quilting an Egg Money quilt. The pattern comes from Eleanor Burns’ book Egg Money Quilts. My customer Jan did an awesome job of choosing colors and of piecing… as she always does.




I love the sashing as it pulls it all together.