Price List

Contemporary Tradition pricing is figured by the square inch total of your quilt top. If you e-mail me the size of quilt top that you have and what type of quilting you would like on your quilt I can get back to you with a price.

The following chart will give you an idea of what standard sizes would run.

Standard            Lap             Twin             Double             Queen             King

Sizes                 46″x60″     60″x80″         91″x96″         92″x108″     121″x121″
Panto                 $54.00     $95.00             $162.00         $182.00         $262.00
Freestyle          $73.00     $133.00            $232.00         $261.00         $379.00

Custom             $85.00     $157.00             $275.00         $311.00         $452.00

Heirloom           $97.00     $181.00             $319.00         $361.00         $525.00

Again, these are just ballpark figures. Drop me an email with the specifics about your quilt and I can give you a better figure.

  • A panto is a simple pattern repeated edge to edge.
  • Freestyle is freehand quilting designed to fill the quilt’s pattern.
  • Custom involves stitching in the ditch, ruler work and is custom designed for your quilt.
  • Heirloom is custom quilting with micro stippling in the background.

One comment

  1. Deb,
    I picked up your card at the Quilter’s Point shop. I have 2 quilt tops that I am interested in having quilted. I am not sure about the sizes although I would guess one is a full size and the other a queen. The smaller of the two was put together by my great-grandmother I think sometime in the 60’s. The larger is a bow-tie pattern done by my great-great-grandmother who passed away in the late 50’s. My mother has had them in a closet for as long as I can remember and I finally begged them from her a couple of years ago with the intention of having them finished. I would love for you to take a look at them and advise me on how they can best be completed.
    Thank You for your advise,
    Eva Compton

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