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The Little Urchin Quilt

January 5, 2007


This quilt is going to the The Children’s Inn in Bethesda, Maryland as part of the 40 Quilt Service Project on the Quilt Studio Web Ring.


I quilted it with a panto I drew up using my daughter’s hand prints.

And the back…




Go Away Dark Night is Done!

December 31, 2006


Ha! Just barely, but I got it done before the end of the year!!


I had fun quilting this one. The stars have Continuous Curves.


In the sashing I did a traditional pattern called Diamond andRope.


And here is how it all looks on the back.

Feels good to have it done. The only quilt I had hoped to finish this year that is not done yet is the little urchin quilt. It only needs the binding… I have a little over 7 hours… plenty of time!!


WIP Wednesday

December 20, 2006

It’s Wednesday again, already!


Go Away Dark Night is on the quilting table! Yeah! So why am I not quilting it? Because I am still waiting on the batting. I ordered it a couple weeks ago but it has not arrived yet. I’m sure that the problem lies not with the manufacturer but with the shipper. Next year I need to remember that any ordering I need to do in December should be done in November! Is that what they call “planning ahead”?


So while waiting on the batting I pulled out an UFO to work on and got it pieced and ready to quilt too. The fabric print has the cutest little urchins on it. I am thinking of quilting little hand and foot prints on it.



WIP Wednesday

December 13, 2006

It’s Work in Progress Wednesday again. I have a couple of projects to share with you.


On the quilting table I have a quilt for Quilts for Fallen Heroes. It is patriot fabrics in the Yellow Brick Road pattern. I quilted it with a stars and loops pantograph. Actually, I finished it this morning so I will be able to hand it off to the binder at the guild meeting next Saturday!


And then, of course, I’m still working on Go Away Dark Night. I started on the sashing so you can get an idea of what that is going to look like with the green cornerstones. The sashings and cornerstones are all cut just waiting to be sewn. So, hopefully, by this time next week it will be on the quilting table!


WIP Wednesday

December 8, 2006

Yes, I realize that it is really Friday. There was no progress to show on Wednesday… so I’m showing my WIP on Friday. 🙂


Go Away Dark Night is finally coming together. All of the parts and pieces are there. I just need to finish sewing the parts and get the sashings cut and sew them all together. The sashing will be blue with green cornerstones. You can see one strip of the blue in the photo in the middle towards the top.

I think I’ll leave these laying out on the floor a few days so Santa will get the hint that I really do need a design wall!!


WIP Wednesday

November 22, 2006

Yeah! I made some good progress on the Go Away Dark Night quilt this week. Each of the blocks is 1/2 done. On the second half 1/2 is done and 1/3 of the remaining 1/2 is done. So let’s see that means all of the blocks are 10/12ths or 5/6ths done! OK, enough math. Here is the visual:


I like to listen to books on tape while I piece. With this quilt I am listening to Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea. The story is about an old man and his endeavors to catch a fish. It is being read to me by Charlton Heston. What could be better than sitting and piecing a quilt while Charlton Heston sits next to me reading a book?!! 🙂

Have a great Thanksgiving!!


WIP Wednesday

November 7, 2006

I took 3 longarm classes in Houston last weekend so my work in progress this week is practice, practice, practice!







WIP Wednesday

November 1, 2006

(WIP? Oh yeah, Work In Progress.)


I’m still piecing a quilt for my guild’s Storybook Quilts program. The name of the book is Go Away Dark Night and the quilt will match the illustration of a quilt on the cover. I completed 4 blocks just to make sure my pattern will work. The first three I did with freezer paper templates but the freezer paper didn’t work well for me. So I switched to paper piecing.


I use paper piecing a lot. It is a lot like putting a puzzle together; all of the pieces are there, they just have to be sewn together. And I like being able to sew very precise seams.

As I paper piece I usually use an assembly line process, that is, sew all of the pieces labeled A1 to all of the pieces labeled A2, sew A3 to A4, sew A1&2 to A3&4 and etc. This seems to be a very organized approach to piecing and it is efficient. There are just two things that I don’t like about this assembly line process. First off, there is no immediate gratification. None of the blocks come together until the very end when they all are finally finished. And secondly, if I happen to make a mistake 😦 I make the same mistake to all of the pieces if I don’t catch it quickly. That means a lot of ripping!


So, with Go Away Dark Night, I am in the early stages of my assembly line sewing. I have four blocks complete and one quarter of each of the remaining 20 blocks complete. I figure I have about 20 hours of piecing to go until the entire top is complete.


Go Away Dark Night

September 6, 2006


The new design for Go Away Dark Night is working much better! I think it will make a nice quilt.


There were many comments left to the effect that I could have made the other design work. That’s true. But I figure that there will be one kid in every story time group that would say, ” This quilt doesn’t look the same as the one in the picture!!” Now I won’t have to worry about that.


African Violets- Finished!

September 4, 2006


And ready to hang!