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Blogger’s Quilt Festival

April 19, 2009

Amy has organized the first annual Blogger’s Quilt Festival. What a great idea. Thanks Amy!

I’d like to share Sue’s Lone Star as my entry into the show.


It was made as a wedding gift for my SIL and was completed in 2007. Debra Spincic pieced the star for me and I added the borders and quilted it. IMG_2370

Sue’s Lone Star is 80” x 100”. It is constructed of commercial cotton fabrics, Quilter’s Dream Puff batting and cotton threads. It is machine pieced and machine quilted.

IMG_2363IMG_2362Thanks for stopping and I hope that you enjoy the rest of the show.


Irish Geese

April 5, 2009


My guild is collecting Irish Geese blocks this month for a drawing. I’ve assembled 3 so far for submission. I may do a couple more.


I like the block and I love the colors! I’ve been thinking about how I want to quilt all of them when I win them…LOL!!… I’m thinking maybe a tulip panto using Superior Rainbows thread; # 918 Bubble Gum. YUM!

Thread 819-bubble-gum-rainbows-

How would you quilt them?


Patriotic Quilt

March 10, 2009

I finished the quilting on this Patriotic quilt yesterday. It is going to a friend’s son who is a soldier in Iraq.

I used Jodi Beamish’s Popcorn panto on it. I love the pattern of curves it sets up across the quilt.


Children’s Clothing

February 26, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I quilted this quilt made of children’s clothing. My customer, Mom of 3, had saved all of her kid’s clothing, cut them up and made blocks out of them. Grandma then sewed them all together into a queen sized quilt.

Here are close-ups of some of the blocks:

Won’t Mom dream sweet dreams under that quilt?!!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 13, 2009

Not only is this quilt red and pink but it is also green! I used Quilter’s Dream newest batting inside; Dream Green. It is an earth friendly polyester batting made 100% from recycled plastic bottles!

According to the package I saved 7 bottles from the land fill by using this batting. That makes me feel good. Plastic bottles are cut into chips, washed, melted and extruded into fine polyester fibers. That means the batting was made without depleting our precious natural resources.

I am happy with how the batting works in this quilt. It is a thin bat but it shows up the stitching nicely. I washed the quilt once and it wrinkled up into that old fashioned look that I love. It is soft and drapes the same as other polyester battings.

My hat is off to Quilter’s Dream for providing quilters with a green choice! And, in case you are wondering, I have no affiliation with Quilter’s Dream other than being a happy customer.

And a Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!



January 5, 2009

I’ve been quilting on this lovely Valentine quilt. The hearts were made from doilies that were cut up and sewn into the blocks.

It will make a lovely Valentine’s present!


Quilting with Words

December 30, 2008

Add meaning to your quilts with the power of words.

Quilting with words is priced as by the square inch. Here are prices for some standard sizes.

Lap 46×60 $100.00
Twin 60×80 $175.00
Full 91×96 $310.00
Queen 92×108 $350.00
King 121×121 $500.00

Add meaning to your quilt today!

Please email me to get a specific quote for your quilt.


Soldier’s Quilt

December 19, 2008

I just finished quilting this quilt for a friend. It is to go to a soldier returning from his 3rd tour in Iraq. Thanks so much to him and all the other soldiers working to keep us free and safe.


Soldier’s Quilt

December 19, 2008

I just finished quilting this quilt for a friend. It is to go to a soldier returning from his 3rd tour in Iraq. Thanks so much to him and all the other soldiers working to keep us free and safe.


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Golden Threads Paper

December 12, 2008

I have been playing around with using  Golden Threads paper to transfer a quilting design to a quilt. It is easy to do and works well. The only drawback is the time involved in picking all the paper out after the quilting is done. Here is a little photo essay of the process.

With a pencil I traced the design on one layer of the paper. I then stacked multiple layers of the paper together with the penciled design on top and stapled through the four corners. I used my DSM-no thread, no bobbin- to sew through all the layers of the paper, following the penciled design. The needle transfers the design to all of the layers by punching holes in the paper.

I then peeled off one layer of the paper for the first block…

and pinned it in place over the block.

Then it is just a matter of sewing over the lines of the design.

It is a great way to transfer a difficult design to many blocks.