Fiesta Sampler

April 23, 2010

IMG_5218 Skye Daniels brought this colorful quilt top to me for quilting. Skye always works with bright cheerful colors!

In the borders I am using a pattern from Darlene Epp’s Borders and Sashing pocket guide. Ms Epp’s pocket guides are a great source of inspiration.


Here it is on the back.


And in the sashing I am using a simple meander.


I haven’t started quilting the blocks yet. I’m still pondering the thread to use. I’m leaning toward a Rainbows variegated;

maybe… Citrus Cooler  thread1 

or… Mango Mango.  thread2



  1. Happy happy joy joy!!!!! `;-D

  2. Oh I'm just swooning over those swirls. I'll have you know that I looked at my quilting books again today. Gotta work up my courage to decide where to start.

  3. Love the swirls Deb…and you can't go wrong with the rainbows thread… luscious!

  4. BEAUTIFUL WORK, Skye!!!!

  5. Ohh, this is so pretty!

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