Quilts for Kids

March 29, 2010


On my design wall this morning I have the Quilts for Kids kit that I received from Downy Touch of Comfort. For information on Quilts for Kids see their web page.

All of the fabric in my kit arrived pre-cut. The red and yellow fabrics were cut in strips so all I had to do to assemble the 4-patches was sew the yellow strips each to a red strip,cut them into 2-patches and then sew two 2-patches together to make 4-patches. Then I sewed the 4-patches to the green fabric. I’ll sew on the borders later today and it will be ready for quilting. Quick and Easy!!

The interesting thing for me about this project is that I would never have chosen to put together those fabrics. So it has been interesting for me to see them come together and work so well.

Another neat thing about this project is that you can go to the Downy Website and read the stories behind the quilts as they go from quilter to kids. They make for interesting reading and just maybe I’ll be able to read about the child that receives my quilt.

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Quilts for Kids



  1. I made a few of those in December-need to make some more. I agree with how the fabrics come together better than I would have thought!

  2. Fun and happy kids quilt!

  3. I asked them to send me several kits for my mini-group, but they only sent one — it sounds like it might be the same fabrics as yours! I need to get the borders on still…

  4. It's sweet and I know you'll quilt beautifully. I also received a kit that is very similar to yours, which I plan to put together this week.

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