Another Binding

March 15, 2010

IMG_5133 I’m working on replacing another binding on an antique quilt. This quilt was also made by Leta Rauch in the mid 1920’’s. It features a 25 Patch block alternating with a blank block. The border is made up of Improved Four Patch.


Leta used the same orange and blue patches in the centers of all of the 25 Patches and in the border blocks and scrap fabrics alternate with white in the remainder of the blocks.She hand quilted Xs in the centers of all of the blocks.


She quilted a feathered wreath in the center of each of the blank blocks… which, unfortunately, you cannot see very well in this photo.


I also added an embroidered label to the back of this quilt.

As someone commented in my last post, the quilt is exquisite in it’s simplicity!



  1. Simple, but beautiful! From what I could see, the quilting is beautiful. 🙂

  2. Ok – are you ready for a really ignorant comment? I didn't know you had the capability of adding embroidered labels. I think I best be getting on with it and getting my quilt made so you can quilt it, bind it, and label it for me. I really like the label feature.

  3. What a beautiful antique quilt and in such great condition!

  4. Perfectly simple quilt, perfectly lovely as well. Sometimes simple really is best.

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