Irish Star

February 12, 2010

Thanks for all the comments on the Irish Star. I appreciate them. But you know, y’all are scaring me with your comments about picking a difficult pattern. Yep, I probably do need my head examined!!

I lightened the values in the chain and took some of the yellow out of the background. I’m happier with it but it’s probably not a done deal yet…

Irish Star 3


  1. For heaven's sake, Deb – just when I thought you couldn't possibly improve on that Irish Star pattern, you go and accomplish the impossible. You have an uncanny way of doing that. Accomplishing the impossible. I admire you deeply.

  2. Love it!

  3. I don't think it is as much the complexity of the star block as much as it is…there are SO MANY of them! Yikes! But what a knock-out this quilt will be. Just remember: Busy hands are happy hands…

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