Eight Point Star

February 7, 2010

IMG_4996 Remember the Eight Point Star I posted on last week? Here is a shot of the quilting on the back. The backing material is a cotton flannel and the batting is cotton also.


I wish these computers had a touch feature so you could reach into your computer and feel how soft this quilt is!

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Eight Point Star


  1. Your work is absolutely breath taking, Deb. You must be very pleased with the way this quilt turned out because from my end it is truly awe inspiring. I'm glad to know that its soft too. My little Minime is all about anything that's soft to the touch. When ever I get around to finally making her quilt, I will need to find a super soft backing. Your quilt is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful Deb!

  3. Lovely!

  4. outlining in the darker color was inspired. it adds a laciness to the look of the back. very well done!

  5. This is so pretty and warm looking.

  6. Beautiful, as always!

  7. Love it – fabulous quilting!

  8. That looks awesome, Deb!

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