Eight Point Star

January 27, 2010


My friend Linda pieced this lovely lap quilt. It features an Eight-Point Star set on point inside a plain block with an Irish Chain surrounding it.


I love the color scheme she chose for this quilt; cranberry reds, asparagus greens and a bit of cheddar cheese thrown into the border. Delicious!



  1. And your quilting looks like swirls of mashed potatoes. Actually more like cake frosting, but frosting doesn't go with asparagus and cheddar.

  2. Deb – I'm swooning over your exquisite quilting. I have not given up on making a quilt top for you to quilt for me.

  3. Rian's right!

  4. Your quilting is always so perfect for the quilt.

  5. the quilting is exquisite. is that hand quilted?

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