August 19, 2009

Sunflowers 9

My guild has a special project every month. Those participating make blocks of the chosen pattern and then a name is drawn from a hat for the winner of all the blocks. This month’s block is called Whirling Sunflowers. I like it… it’s perfect for fall, isn’t it? And there are a variety of ways to set it.

Sunflowers 10 Sunflowers 11

It also reminds me of some other sunflower blocks that I have designed. These are from the archives… way back:

Sunflowers 1Sunflowers 2Sunflowers 4Sunflowers 6 Sunflowers 7Sunflowers 8 I never did get around to making any of them. They are just Cyber-quilts. But maybe some day…



  1. I love sunflowers! I have a bunch of sunflower embroideries waiting for the right moment to bloom. If you decide to make any of these & want a sunflower or two, let me know!

  2. Well, regardless of their cyber quality – I love your cyber quilts. What ingenius designs! Just lovely.

  3. Those are great blocks! I particularly like the second one of your cyber blocks.

  4. I like them all!

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