Mindless Piecing

July 31, 2009


I’ve been doing some mindless piecing with scraps from the stash!

One of the neat things about posting a photo is that mistakes that I didn’t see on the design wall pop out at me in the photo. Can you find the two mistakes?

I hope that you have a quilty day!!


  1. I was never any good at those types of puzzles! I only found one:( It is a great pattern though isn't it? My guild uses that pattern for their quilts that go to The Rotary.

  2. I didn't even try. I love the way it looks, and isn't mindless piecing fun?

  3. Hmmm… not sure what I'm looking at but are the 2 mistakes at the upper left where the vertical orange and dark green meet and again where the horizontal grey and green converge? Regardless, this looks like it will be be a marvelous and cozy quilt.

  4. I am clearly flunking this test. I didn't find anything amiss. Very cool look–kind of like a hunting quilt.

  5. Oh, Debra is right, it looks like a hunting quilt!

  6. If you can't see a mistake from 50 yards travelling at 50 mph, it doesn't count.

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