Dressed for Dinner; The End is Near

July 23, 2009

The quilt top is finished!! Yeah!!


Now it goes into the pile of tops to be quilted. It may just get bumped up in the line so that it will be done for fall…

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  1. This one is very pretty – I hope you can get it quilted soon!

  2. sweet! for applique work, this went together pretty quickly. mine take years! can't wait to see it quilted up.

  3. It's beautiful. I liked the quilting designs you're thinking of, too. Hope to see it finished soon.

  4. Deb – I love your harvest quilt top. I can't wait to be surprised with the quilting motif you end up choosing for it. This is just lovely.

  5. Oh yay (happy dance), how beautiful! It will be so nice to have when fall sets in (like it gets so cold there). I can't wait to see the quilting!

  6. I love the finished product! I know it will sneak up the line in the "to quilt" stack:)

  7. Gorgeous!

  8. Treat yourself and quilt it soon!

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