Quilt Inspiration: Pattern on Pattern

June 25, 2009

pattern on pattern

I designed this quilt top some time ago in Electric Quilt. I used ideas from  Ruth B. McDowell’s book Pattern on Pattern to create the design. In the book, Ms McDowell suggests laying a pattern in different sizes on top of each other to create sub-patterns.

I like the repetition of shapes.It looks almost as though the shapes are echoes of each other or maybe like they are ripples on a pond. I also like how the border contains the whole thing. 

If I were ever to actually make this into a quilt I would probably quilt it with a simple curvy panto.

So many ideas, so little time.

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  1. Isn't that a great quilt? It's so much fun to play with the computer designs–if you could only make them all. I don't know that book by Ruth McDowell; it sounds good.

  2. Awesome design. I love the other two that inspired it too! They both look like fun! You've got a good eye! I also enjoyed your work on the General Quilt! Wow! you've got talent to be able to take the vision of another quilter and push it further.

  3. My goodness Deb – you certainly have an artist's eye. This is a wonderful pattern.

  4. That's a clever way to take a standard block and give it some more zip! There are so many great blocks out there languishing away. . . .*wink*

  5. Great design! I love doing quilts in EQ but some of them would be a nightmare to actually piece.

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