Quilt for a General

June 16, 2009


This quilt was pieced by Quiltnbee .  She did a lovely job with it. I especially like the fabrics she chose. The background fabric for the stars and the alternating fabrics in the 25 patch blocks are all black on white prints. That gives a continuity to the quilt but still allows for a variation that gives the quilt a touch of “sparkle”.



I also love how she pieced the back. I imagine the squares are left from the piecing of the 25 patch blocks. One of the squares has the name of the piecer and the quilter on it. I like the back almost as much as the front.


Good job, Quiltnbee! This will make a lovely quilt for one of the generals in our army.



  1. That's beautiful! So fresh looking. Great quilting too, Deb!

  2. Excellent job from two super ladies!

  3. That is a handsome quilt and the star pattern is my favorite!

  4. Oh, Deb! The quilting looks so good!!! Thank you!! I love seeing it one last time =-) Great job!

  5. OMG – what an incredible work of art! I adore QUiltnbee's choice of fabrics and design, but the exquisitely intricate quilting just takes it over the top. Fantastic!

  6. It's beautiful Deb. You both did a fantastic job!

  7. What a beautiful quilt and a great gift for a General!

  8. THe quilt is beautiful. And so is the quilting.

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