Tina’s Quilt

June 5, 2009

Tina picked out some fabrics to make a quilt. She has made “mug rugs” before, but this will be her first quilt.


So last night we sat down with Electric Quilt and designed these blocks and layouts.

Tina 3Tina 4Tina 2Tina 1

Tina decided that she liked the last one best because it looks like stairs. Later this morning I’m going to start cutting strips (I’m not sure Tina is ready to be using a rotary cutter… Or maybe Mom’s not ready for Tina to be using a rotary cutter). And then Tina can start sewing the strips together.

How fun to be working with my daughter on a quilt!!  



  1. Well, I can see your apple didn't fall too far from your tree. Tina's fabric choice is wonderful, and I agree that the last "stairs" pattern is the prettiest. Tina is quite an artist!

  2. The fabrics are beautiful. She's going to have a lot of fun putting her new quilt together.

  3. She sure has a great color sense!

  4. some days i'm not sure *I* should be using a rotary cutter.have fun, it looks like a great project!

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