Rookies Making Cookies

May 24, 2009


The sun did not shine.

It was too wet to play.

So we sat in the house

All that cold, cold, wet day.


I sat there with Tina.

We sat there, we two.

And I said, “How I wish

We had something to do!”


So we went to the kitchen and we pulled out all the stuff.

We pulled out the bowls and the spoons and the fluff.

We pulled out the sugar; the brown and the white.

The vanilla, the eggs and turned on the light.

The flour was just right, the soda to make it fizz.

And don’t forget the chips, chocolate that is.


We mixed it all up, Tina and I.

We mixed it!

               Mixed it!

                            Mixed it!

And we dipped it and baked it.

And we smiled just a bit.




***Obviously, portions of this post were borrowed from Dr. Seuss’ book, The Cat in the Hat.



  1. very fun–but I somehow doubt you had nothing to do!

  2. Oh, yummy! I adore that photo of you!

  3. Gee Deb, in that picture you look like my old friend Deb who died of breast cancer about 6 years ago!The poetry was great fun. I used to love to read Dr Suess books to my kids. 'Marvin K Moony, & 'Hand Hand Finger Thumb' were favorites.

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