Shannon’s Quilt

May 5, 2009


Quilt Studio is putting together some quilts to give to Rian’s son’s family as they lost everything in a fire. This quilt had a lot of hands on it. Barbara C was given the stars that were pieced by a neighbor. Barbara used the stars to create the top and added the borders. I quilted it and I will bind it.


I wanted to use the panto Ribbons and Roses on it but I didn’t want to run the panto over the stars. So I stopped the panto at the edge of the star blocks and pulled out images of the roses to place in the corners. Then I did my favorite, Terry Twist, in the stars.


Hopefully this will bring some comfort to the family as they piece their lives back together.



  1. What a heartwarming gesture! You and the others are such generous and loving souls. This quilt is absolutely exquisitely made and what wonderful colors. Your quilting is par excellence! (I have GOT to get started on mine just so I can acquire your services).

  2. You do such beautiful work Deb. This is a treasure. What I really like about your work is that it enhances the handwork that’s already there. Nice job by you both.I just love the red stars. Kay did a great job and you made it pop. Lovely.Thanks for all you do for our vets.

  3. This is so lively and bright! I am sure Shannon will love it to pieces. Ya done good and so did Barbara!

  4. It’s a beautiful quilt and your lovely quilting just enhances that design. I’m sure they will really appreciate this.

  5. How beautiful! It’s amazing how quickly something can go together when several talented people are working on it.

  6. You did such a beautiful job! It looks like a very snazzy quilt now. Thanks for contributing to this effort.

  7. It is really beautiful and I know Shannon will love it. And now I know why your blog updates never showed on my bloglines.Thank you and Barbara too.

  8. Very beautiful…*****************Warmth from the kind heartshines on a seed of caringand loving Gift grows***********

  9. So beautiful! I always love star quilts and those colors are so yummy. =(^_^)=

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