May 1, 2009

I highly recommend Quilter’s Dream batting. Quilter’s Dream batting is made in the USA. It is a clean, stable, high quality batting that is very consistent in thickness.


I offer 5 types of Quilter’s Dream batting; Dream Cotton, Dream Wool, Dream Puff, Dream Green and Dream Blend.

  • Dream Cotton is 100% pure USA high grade cotton and is extremely soft and drapeable. I offer this in the deluxe loft. I suggest cotton batting for bed quilts as they breathe and are very comfortable.
  • Dream Wool is made with a blend of high quality fine Merino and domestic wools. Wool also is good for bed quilts. It has a high loft, excellent drape and is gently machine washable or dry cleanable.
  • Dream Puff is a high loft polyester batting that imparts volume and definition to your quilting without adding weight. It is great for wall hangings that you want to have some “puff”.
  • Dream Green is an Earth-friendly soft batting that is made 100% from recycled plastic bottles! This is a good batting for wall hangings with a thin, low loft look.
  • Dream Blend is a blend of 70% USA cottons and 30% fine denier polyester and is soft and drapeable yet strong and stable.

Please email me if you are interested in having some quilting done!




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