Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day- March

March 15, 2009

I am joining the Garden Bloggers’ Bloom day for March. Here are the blooms I have today in my garden in San Antonio.

Bradley Pear Tree

Indian Hawthorn

Hm-m-m. I can’t remember. It’s all over San Antonio and I should remember the name…
Edit: It’s Lantana. Thanks to Lancashire Rose!

This is the one I am most excited about; an aloe. I have never seen it bloom before so I will be watching it closely!

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  1. Do post a photo of your aloe when the flower opens. I wonder what color it will be? Your purple flower is lantana.

  2. I would love to see the aloe in bloom too!

  3. What a great aloe! And yea on the lantana–it’s a great one for the butterflies. This year they barely froze back in Austin, either.

  4. I just had my lantana trasplanted to the backyard. It got way out of hand for the front yard. I still have some plants to plant before the weekend wedding so am just about ready for the rain to stop. Do you have azaleas? They are in full bloom here now.

  5. I love the heading on your blog, and the lantana will be a good and reliable friend to you and your butterfly visitors.

  6. You have lovely March blooms! I’ve never seen aloe blooming, either. Congratulations!

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