Decisions, Decisions

January 14, 2009

I’ve been working on the next block for my Dressed for Dinner quilt and came upon an example of what I was talking about last week when I was talking about applique. I made up all of the applique pieces for the block, shown above. I tacked them to the back ground with some washable glue and I hung it on the design wall. It didn’t take long for me to decide I didn’t like the values of the two leaves together. They blend together and blend in with the acorn on the left. They all look like one big blob.

I have made a new leaf in a gold and slid it in place over the original leaf. I’m much happier with that. Now what about that green acorn? Is it working?



  1. Mmm–it may still blend a bit also, but it depends on the effect you’re going for. I made an acorn yesterday too. Are we out of sync with the seasons, or what?

  2. swap the green one with the one next to it – switch em up – looking good though!

  3. switch the position of the green acorn with the one on the other end – the darker brown one. Maybe that will work?

  4. I do like the gold leaf better and I agree with the comment that I’d try to switch the green acorn and see if it looks less blendy between the other two. I love Autumn quilts.

  5. I’d hate to lose that green acorn, (that fabric is so rich and balances the green leaf) but I think it does need to be switched with one of the others (the one next to it?) to make it work.

  6. Love the acorns. I agree, you should switch the position of the green one.

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