Ring Out the Old…

December 26, 2008

I took some time today to review my goals for 2008 to see how I did with them. I did stick to finishing up a few of the goals but completely lost sight of a few others.

One of my main goals for 2008 was to learn how to applique and to finish the Dressed for Dinner quilt that I started in January. I did find an applique process that I like and am comfortable doing but I did not get the quilt finished. It is a little over one half done and will be added to my goals for 2009.

I had wanted to work on one small piece every month based on techniques in the book The Art of Manipulating Fabric. It is a great book with lots of cool things to do with fabric. I completely dropped the ball on this goal. I’ll be considering over the next few days if I want to try for this again next year.

The other plan that I completely lost sight of was to create one art quilt based on inspiration from the San Antonio River Walk. Again, I’ll be considering over the next few days if I should add this to the docket for 2009.

The quilts that I did finish in 2008 are:

Goose Chase

Staying the Course (a collaboration with Debra and Rian)

Antique Stars

Considering all it was a great year.



  1. Happy New Year Deb. Your work is always inspirational. Hope the year ahead brings you many more chances to wow us all.
    Dressed for Dinner came out really nicely. That’s a keeper!

  2. Considering the steady pace you kept with customer’s quilts this year, I would say you did very well.

  3. I love the Antique Stars and I think you ought not throw out the Riverwalk idea.

  4. I´ve seen your lovely work and I thought maybe you´d like a thread organizer, check this 😉

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