Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day

December 22, 2008

I love surfing gardening blogs. They are full of beautiful photos, great ideas and educational fodder. While surfing this week I came across a group of blogs that participate in the Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day. One day per month, the 15th of the month specifically, these gardeners list and/or show photos of the flowers that happen to be blooming in their garden that day. It is interesting to see the many different gardens around the country throughout the year.

Even though my blog is a quilter’s blog, I am only an amateur gardener, and I am very late in joining… it’s already the 22nd… I am going to join in the fun of Garden Blogger’s Bloom day with this first post of the blooms in my garden for mid December.

My garden is located in San Antonio, Texas and is located in hardiness zones 8-9. Most of my currently blooming plants are container plants which I do move to cover during our brief freezes. And here they are:


Loquat tree



  1. Up here in Wisconsin, we can only dream of such flowers outdoors in December!

  2. I think I am in the same gardening zone as you are. Right now we are in the midst of heavy winter rain. My flowers look a little bedraggled but they should be happy when the sun comes out again. Jen

  3. The weather has been so crazy this season that the plants don’t know what to do. It’s supposed to be back in the high 70s this weekend. I don’t usually plant winter flowers but my neighbors all do and I get to enjoy their pansies in the winter!

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