Golden Threads Paper

December 12, 2008

I have been playing around with using  Golden Threads paper to transfer a quilting design to a quilt. It is easy to do and works well. The only drawback is the time involved in picking all the paper out after the quilting is done. Here is a little photo essay of the process.

With a pencil I traced the design on one layer of the paper. I then stacked multiple layers of the paper together with the penciled design on top and stapled through the four corners. I used my DSM-no thread, no bobbin- to sew through all the layers of the paper, following the penciled design. The needle transfers the design to all of the layers by punching holes in the paper.

I then peeled off one layer of the paper for the first block…

and pinned it in place over the block.

Then it is just a matter of sewing over the lines of the design.

It is a great way to transfer a difficult design to many blocks.



  1. Very nice! The quilting is beautiful.

  2. That looks great. But you’re right about picking it out–a real pain.

  3. Looks like a good complementary design for the quilt–are you going to show more of the quilt?

  4. There’s no easy way to get a beautiful result, is there? Either you pick little pieces of paper out, or you spend your time upfront, marking your pattern, and then, sometimes, erasing the lines as needed!)

    In the end whatever gets you the results you like is worth it, isn’t it?

  5. Very nice!

  6. I’m with you, machine is more fun, (unless of course I’m riding in the car!).

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