Christmas Garland

November 12, 2008


I’m always looking for good fine motor activities for my daughter, T. Last week I came across a post about ragamuffin garland at Nesting Place. So I decided we would make a garland for our mantle. It is great practice for T as she just has to tie and tie and tie and tie… and when we finally get done we will have a lovely garland to festoon our family room mantle.


As you can see, T thinks that it looks best in full motion!



  1. It looks like she is doing a great job too!

  2. T is a sweetie. I’ll bet she lights up the room.

  3. She looks like she is having fun! It appears that the fabric pieces are being tied onto a ribbon? What helps it keep the wreath shape when T. has all her fabric pieces tied onto it?

  4. T must stand for Terrific because she’s doing a great job with that garland. You MUST report when you guys have tied the last tie on how long it has become and let us know how lovely it is on the mantel!

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