Edge to Edge

November 8, 2008

Edge to edge quilting uses a pattern that is repeated across the quilt, from edge to edge and from top to bottom. The design does not take into account any piecing in the top. It simply repeats the pattern over and over and the patterns run off the edges. The quilting gives a nice overall texture to the quilt and it does not detract from the pieced pattern on the quilt. Only one color of thread can be used on an edge to edge design.

Here are some examples of quilts quilted with edge to edge patterns:

Pricing for edge to edge quilting is based on the square inch size of the quilt. Here are approximate prices for some standard sizes:

Lap size: 46" x 60" $55.00
Twin size: 60" x 80” $90.00
Full size: 91" x 96” $165.00
Queen size: 92" x 108" $185.00
King size: 121" x 121” $275.00

If you are interested in getting a quote for your quilt please email me. I would be happy to get that to you.

And please take a look at the design options for edge to edge patterns.


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