Cleaning out Closets…

October 10, 2008

Debra commented on my last post, “Looks vintage. Are you still cleaning out customer’s closets?”

Yes, Debra I guess that is my self appointed task in life; to clean all of the languishing quilts out of this world’s closets!

This particular quilt though, came from a customer’s drawer, or rather her mother’s drawer. After her mother passed away my customer was cleaning out her mother’s drawers and came across the embroidered blocks. My friend Karen put the blocks together and I quilted it. Can you imagine how special this quilt is going to be to family of the embroiderer?

And now I have to ask… what is languishing in your closet?!! Hm-m-m?  🙂



  1. That turned out great, Deb! It’s a great feeling to have a part in finishing one of these up, isn’t it?

  2. It is very special!

    I have some sunflower applique blocks from my MIL that I will someday put together. I’m finding that I like them more now than I did at one time. Odd.

  3. Truth be told, you could probably quilt forever and never quilt all the old UFOs! Just think of the job security there! LOL!

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