Time for a Cleaning

September 28, 2008

I took the Viking in for its annual maintenance last week. Well, OK, I missed last year’s annual maintenance so that makes it what, bi-annual? I have good intentions toward getting it in every year but I will admit, it doesn’t always happen.

It seems Mr. Serviceman was appalled at the condition of my machine. “Doesn’t she know she’s supposed to clean it out?!!” He was even so kind as to save all of the lint and fuzz he pulled out of it and return it to me in a baggy. Thank you, Mr. Serviceman. 🙂

In my own defense I must say that I do clean out all of the parts that I can get to. The deeper more remote parts are beyond my reach because I do not have the special tool required to remove the covers. My son suggested I could probably get one of those tools on EBay. Then I could just take care of it myself.

To top it off, Mr. Serviceman did not replace the back cover correctly. Since I do not have that special little tool required to remove and do it right, it I had to return it to the shop again for service. Now leaving the machine in the shop for a week, more or less, shouldn’t be a big deal. But the bindings are piling up on the table waiting to be completed and it is beginning to irritate me.

So I am wondering, dear readers, how much of your machine maintenance do you do yourself? Have you purchased the special tools required for basic cleaning? How often do you take your machine in for maintenance by a certified technician? And how many of you have a back-up machine to use while one is in the shop?



  1. I just do basic cleaning and oiling myself and talk mine in for service ever few years. The problem I have is that the local service place is awful. The repair guy made my machine worse. I have to take it an hour away to be worked on now.

  2. I can’t say I have ever taken mine in for professional service. I clean what I can and go from there. I know it isn’t right but Ican’t imagine being without my machine. I think I should do it while on vacation but when vacation comes I forget to do it.

  3. Interesting question. I clean mine after every project, it supposedly does not need oiling except for one spot. I have never taken it in for a cleaning, I suppose I should. I used to take my Bernina apart occasionally to clean it, but you only needed a screwdriver and it was easy to do. The Janome is like a fortress.

  4. Yeah, Berninas are easy to clean and oil, and I do it often. I was rewarded by praise from my dealer (more because it wasn’t used to its full capacity than my cleaning habits). But there are parts I can’t reach and I want to treat my Swiss Miss well, so I take her in every 18 months or so. My dealer found a crack in the case front that is not discernible from the outside. He’s ordered a replacement (no charge) and will call me when it comes in. That’s the kind of thing I appreciate about him, and would never know unless I took the machine in for service.

  5. When I had my Elna, I could take it all apart and clean it myself but those were the good ole days before computerized machines. Everything on it was accessible.

    I agree with Rian–the Janome is a fortress. I try to get it in yearly but I have been known to skip a year. I am a little more insistent with my embroidery machines because I use the daylights out of them; much more than my sewing machine.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to clean a sewing machine but if you get involved with the computerized parts, well, then, you may have problems. I would shop eBay and see if you can get the tools. You could probably do it yourself.

  6. I could take my Singer apart and clean it, but always took the Viking to the shop. I didn’t even know you could get a tool to take it apart. And now I guess the Janome is the same way. I think it’s ridiculous that machines are made so you can only do the most obvious stuff yourself. So we’re stuck.

  7. I don’t clean as often as I should – I’ve been scolded by the Bernina folks who have cleaned it twice in the last seven years. I do use some compressed air to clean out the lint about once a month. I have two back up machines. I think I’ll add “Clean Machine” to my October to-do list.

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