Christmas Quilt

September 24, 2008

One of my customers made a comment to me about her Christmas quilt that she said I had.

“I don’t have any Christmas quilt of yours,” I replied. “I only have that yellow green quilt that you gave me last week.”

“Yes, yes, that is it. That is a Christmas quilt.” She said.

As soon as I got home I took a look at it and, sure enough, it has Christmas trees on it. I’ve always thought of Christmas green as a dark green. I guess I need to think outside the box more!!

Christmas quilt or no, it is a lovely quilt!


  1. Oh, that’s a great shade of green. It might not make you think of Christmas right away, but it looks lovely

  2. I would have had the same thought. But I like it. I especially like the way she did those little red stars clustered around the red squares. An interesting effect.

  3. So it isn’t an in your face sort of Christmas quilt, it’s more subtle, but it is nice.

  4. It really is a lovely quilt. Good job quilting too!


  5. Hi! Thanks for the comments. I actually “copied” a quilt that was already made at Quilter’s Point Shop. I only started a few months ago, quilt top making, and my first class was a turning 20 and my second class was the log cabin. I was so excited with that “fun” Christmas fabric and not having the experience to mix fabrics I just copied it………. I didn’t even notice the stars wrapping around the red center….? It does look nice! Thanks for noticing the details.

    Again, thanks Deb…another job well done.

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