No More Plastic

September 21, 2008

Ursula had a great question for me in response to my post on plastic shopping bags. She asked, “I’m curious, what do you use for garbage bags? I use the plastic bags from the store…”

Ursula, that does make a lot of sense. Why go out and buy bags for trash when the stores give you a bunch of them every week? Using the bags that the stores give you makes a lot of economical sense.

But my goal is to reduce the amount of plastic that I contribute to land fills in order to reduce my own impact on the landscape. That is why I have opted to buy reusable bags to use while shopping- and I might add I have been successful with that new habit. My next step is to figure out what to use for trash bags and I am still working on that. I have a couple of options that I am looking at and am planning to do further research into other options.

There are bags available that are biodegradable. Ecosafe biodegradeable bags and Biobags are a couple of the options I have looked at but I have no recommendation yet on which would be best. I have heard that there are some problems with some of these biodegrading before they reach the curb for pick-up which renders them of very little value. So I plan to test out some of these new products and will hopefully find one that is useful and not too expensive. I’ll let you know  when I come up with something!

On another train of thought, have you seen that Quilter’s Dream has a new batting out that is made 100% from recycled plastic bottles? It is called Dream Green. I have not tried it yet, but I have a sample here and it is surprisingly soft and cuddly. It is available in the select loft, which is a fairly thin batt. Next time I place an order with Quilter’s Dream I’m going to try one.

In the meantime, I hope that you are enjoying your corner in nature.


  1. I think all environmental issues have interesting things to debate. As much as people want, there is no black and white. I’ve been all around on the plastic bag issue. I use them for all kinds of things at home. I learned recently that they use less resources to make than the ones that we buy for trash liners – the grocery bags are made from petroleum waste and are thinner. I wish I could remember where I read it so that I could verify it. Eventually I decided that as long as I use them and would have bought something to replace them that I’d keep using the plastic and paper bags from the store. I think there are valid arguments on both sides of the issue.

  2. I always use grocery bags for trash bags too, but I figure that buying a few large trash bags is better than having a half dozen smaller bags, many of them too small to be any good for anything, every time you go to the store.

  3. I will look forward to your conclusions. I was on the verge of purchasing some of the biodegradable bags, but I sure wouldn’t want to use something that wouldn’t make it to trash pickup day intact. We currently use the grocery bags for “free” trash bags too but would like to make the best choice for the environment. We have been recycling for years. Jen

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