Cutting Table

September 8, 2008

Over the weekend I built myself a new cutting/ironing table. My dad had a piece of plywood that he didn’t need so I drug it home with me from Indiana. I picked up a couple of bookshelves from Target for a base. I screwed the plywood to the top of the bookshelves and then covered the plywood with batting and Kona Cotton. Viola! A cutting/ironing table.

I used it while I was doing some hand work today. It was so nice to have an area to spread my goodies out.

It’s not Koala, but it didn’t break the $$ bank either!



  1. Nice job! I am coveting an IKEA table/cabinet that I would love to have as a cutting table, but I can’t quite justify the expense….or the cost in actually driving to Minneapolis to get it. LOL

  2. Hey Deb, Very clever – both functional and attractive! Gals with tools – Yea!!

  3. Looks great! And I second the admiration for someone who can use a tool.

  4. Great! Now you need to add some hooks on the side of your bookcase for rulers to hang.

  5. welcome back. Hope you had a great time. I like the table and like you say sepecially like the $$$$

  6. Looks good!

  7. That’s a nice table. Love the storage underneath. My cutting table is large and rolls around, but it is flimsy and wobbly and wastes a ton of space.

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