Batik Stars

June 18, 2008

I’m sure I’ve already shown you the feathers on this border. But, hey, feathers are always worth a second look, right?! And here are a few of the blocks that go with the border:

The many varied batiks are beautiful but were a real challenge for me. The backing was a dense batik too so I was having an impossible time getting the stitch tension right. I finally broke down and bought a can of spray silicone. It really does work! I sprayed it right on to the quilt and the tension was a lot more even and consistent. So there is another tool I will be keeping up my sleeve, or rather on my shelf.



  1. Hi Deb,

    Yes, feathers are always worth a second look, especially when they are yours.

    Thanks for the tip about the silicone. I use batiks a lot.

  2. Deb the feathers look very good and I like the stitching that you decided to do in the stars. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  3. I always love seeing your work. You do such a great job of complimenting the piecing.

  4. Fantastic feathers, love them. The quilt looks like it is another beautiful creation.

  5. Your feathers and the rest of your quilting are beautiful – I’d be jealous except I’ve decided to just accept my limitations as a quilter. I’d read the tip about using silicone but luckily I don’t have to quilt batiks so I haven’t tried it.

  6. Just beautiful!

  7. Wonderful quilting, Deb!

  8. Such excellent quilting, love the texture created! Isn’t it fun to be a white glove lady?

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