No More Plastic!!

June 5, 2008

We did a week’s worth of shopping today and were able to fit it all into 4 bags, except for the milk and juice bottles; they are easier to carry without a bag anyway. And I found the bags easier to carry because the handles are long enough to go over my shoulder.The checkout clerk was not too happy with me though. It seems that the reusable bags are harder to pack. Too bad 🙂 I think that she will get over it.

I never did count how many plastic bags I used to use, but I would estimate 12- 15 every week. So in a month’s time I may save 53 plastic bags from the dump! Yea! I’m going to stick the bags back in the van so that I won’t forget them… theoretically.

Now, what to do about all of those plastic bottles…


  1. It’s so weird how check-out clerks get weirded out by reusable bags, eh? You’d think it’d make things easier? :\

  2. Don’t you have a local place to recycle your cans, bottles and paper?

  3. I’ve had a really good response from cashiers with my reusable shopping bags. I don’t think it’s going to be much longer before more people are using reusable than aren’t.

  4. Love the orphan blocks idea. I have the cloth bags but usually forget to take them to the store. (Jim does the marketing.) We have recycle containers that we put out front with the trash ones. We often fill up the recycle bin before we can fill the trash bin. It’s amazing how much trash we can generate with just two people and a dog. Hey, the dog adds three cans a week.

  5. Hi Deb. Our grocery people like the bags and as soon as I empty them they immediately go back in the car.
    Love the quilting in your last post. Hope all is well with you. Take care.

  6. We regularly recycle our plastic bags. It’s on of the few items we can up here, that+ newspaper, & caardboard boxes.

    Your bags are very pretty. Here, they will credit you a nickle per bag filled when you bring your own, & I have tons of them, but never seem to have them when I stop off at the store!

    Your feathers & quilting on the previous posts are beautiful!

  7. I think I’ve only managed to forget my once for a trip to Target. I wish I could remember to just snag ONE when I’m just running into other stores. I actually find myself telling the clerk I don’t even need the bag if it’s not very much stuff.

  8. I love using these too and the Target bags are my favorite especially when I’m walking because they have the longer straps and I can toss them on my shoulder.

    All the feathers are looking great!

  9. I’m curious, what do you use for garbage bags?
    I use the plastic bags from the store…

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