Going Green

June 1, 2008

I’ve been trying change some of my habits in an effort to help out the environment. One of my un-green habits is using all of those plastic bags every week when I go grocery shopping. I use a ridiculous amount of plastic.

The stores around here sell reusable bags but they all have their logos on them. I don’t like to be a walking advertisement for someone, especially when I paid for the bag! Now if they gave me the bag, I might consider advertising for them… but probably not.

So… orphan blocks to the rescue! I bought a couple of the logo-bearing bags yesterday and found a couple of orphan blocks to cover up those logos! Too cool! After making a few more of these I should be all set.

And… if I can just remember to take them with me when I go shopping!



  1. What a great idea! I like your solution to the logo problem.

    I also struggle to remember to take the bags to the store. I’m getting better at it, however. New habits take awhile to learn.

  2. Yes, remembering is the key. I’ve been working on this for a year, and still have trouble. I like your bags.

  3. I can remember to take my bags into the store only when I am in *my* car. Unlike this weekend when I drove my DH’s truck and there were NO bags in it.

  4. I keep my stash of bags on a bench by the door in the garage and can grab them on the way to the car. At first Wes made a grimace about using them but now he reminds me. Mine are really big and we can get a bunch in them. The sackers, though, don’t understand yet and try to sneak in plastic bags when I am not watching.

    We get all kinds of neat vendor gifts and I have thought of the same idea–cover the logos with embroidered patches. It’s another form of recycling!

    BTW, Stay the Course is going to get photographed Wed!

  5. Me too…trying to remember to use the canvas bags. I moved them to my car yet I still forget to take them into the stores. Next step I suppose is to put them in the front passenger seat so I can’t miss them. I have some give-away canvas bags with logos on them that I don’t want to use so I plan to sew an orphan block over the logo.

  6. WOW! I never thought to cover the logos with a quilt block. I will have to take another look at the reusable bags.

  7. I love this idea–guess I’m not the only one who keeps forgetting to actually USE the bags!

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