May 24, 2008

Just a couple of photos of a quilt I quilted on recently. Is there anything harder to photograph than black thread on black fabric?

Note to self: Start saving pennies to buy some photography equipment.



  1. Actually that shows up fine, and you’re getting very good at the feathers and wreaths. This quilt must be very striking.

  2. VERY nice!!! I’ve never seen the Garden Twist pattern done in such lively colors. I bet the whole quilt with your quilting is quite striking.

  3. Looks like you chose very pretty designs.

  4. I think it shows up just fine and it’s beautiful!

  5. Oooo..it’s beautiful! Such lovely feather wreaths! You photographed it just fine.

  6. Looks great Deb.

  7. Yeah. White thread on white fabric. :^D Looks great, your quilting is fantastic as usual. I want to be you when I grow up.

  8. That is really beautiful quilting Deb! And I love the bright colors on the black.

  9. Lovely work!

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