Feathered Stars

April 8, 2008

These are the remains of a grand plan I once had. I was going to make a feathered star quilt with 16 feathered stars These stars were to be pieced all by hand as I did not have a sewing machine at the time. We are talking about 1996 here. I had so much trouble with these stars.

The first star ended up flying through the clouds. We were living in a condo on the 23rd floor at the time. I loved to take my sewing basket out on the balcony to sew. Well, one day the wind whipped up and whisked my first block over the railing and off to who knows where. Later in the day I looked around down on the ground but there was no sign of it.

Block number 2, the top one above, came out ok so I proceeded on to block number three. It wasn’t until I had finished block number 3 that I realized 2 and 3 were no where near the same size. Bummer! I didn’t know any tricks at the time for adjusting block sizes so I gave up the whole quilt idea.

I quilted and bound the two completed stars separately and they now hang in the kitchen. I occasionally think I’ll start over again on the feathered star quilt and see if I could rise to the challenge now that I have more experience.



  1. I picture some passerby finding that star block and wondering where in the world it came from!

  2. Aren’t those two different blocks? Maybe that’s why they’re different sizes. Anyway, I bet you could do it now. I made a big feathered star several years ago when it was over my head, but I still think I’ll finish it sometime with a big border. It’s not TOO bad 🙂

  3. What a great way to showcase your wonderful blocks.

  4. Isn’t that lovely quilting! Wow, that is turning out great!

  5. Looking great so far!

  6. That was a grand plan. Can’t you just imagine someone finding that block? I hope they appreciated it and did something wonderful with it.
    As you can see I am so far behind on my blog reading and everything else. I find that caring for my Mom is harder than caring for my kids was; I was much younger and had lots more energy then. I will still get that bargello quilt in the mail some day and have it off my conscience. Every time I start to get to it, something else happens to derail me.

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