Dressed for Dinner Update

March 11, 2008

I’ve been spending less time posting and reading blogs and, gee, I’ve been getting more quilting done!! Funny how that works!

Here is the progress that I have made on Dressed for Dinner:


Mr. Turkey is done except for the buttons on his vest and his eye.


The heart is done.


And I’ve made good progress on the apple pie. By the way, that is not the background on which it goes.
I’ve been thinking about the family dinners at my house. My dad makes a great apple pie. But my MIL also makes a great cherry pie. I’m thinking that I need to give equal time to the cherry pie. So I’m looking at the design of the quilt and trying to figure out where and how I can add another pie. You can never have too many pies!! WOW! I can almost smell them baking now.



  1. This is going to be a very cute quilt. Perfect fabric for the “apples” in that pie.

  2. Very cool….and I’m not a big fan of roosters. But he’s a cutie..love that pie!

  3. OH gosh, I best get moving on mine.

    See ya on the 29th!

  4. The pie’s cool. I do hope you quilt in some ‘steam’ coming out of those slits.

  5. I’m pretty impressed with those little appliqued feet!

  6. Your appliqued pieces are great! Maybe we should try dressing our next Thanksgiving turkey like that one, he’s quite dapper.

  7. That is beautiful!

  8. Gosh, lovely Dresden plate! What a nice sample!

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