Robbing Peter

February 22, 2008

It is incredible how our brains work. I am especially impressed this morning with how it can store away information and even if I think I have forgotten it, my brain can pull it up and use it without my having to think about it.

I took a class with Sue Patton in November of 2005. I was a new longarm quilter and I had a lot to learn. Sue’s class was great and I was exposed to a lot of new techniques and ideas. However the techniques were way over my head. I couldn’t see myself ever using half of the stuff that she was showing us and I assumed I never would do it. It was beautiful, but beyond me. So I put her book away on the bookshelf and I thought that I filed the techniques in the delete file in my brain.


Apparently those ideas were only in the archives because this week, 2+ years later, I’m working on Robbing Peter to Pay Paul. I’ve gotten lots of practice and a few more classes since that class with Sue and I am starting to develop my own “style”. As I was working this morning I started wondering where some of these techniques I am using came from. And then I remembered Sue’s class. Some of what I was doing came from Sue’s class! Her techniques had worked their way into my style without my realizing it. Thank you Sue! and Sherry! And Sharon! and Pam! and Dawn! And all of the quilting teachers out there that share their time and techniques. I appreciate it!


Oops! White thread on red… should I have stopped and picked it out?



  1. Stunningly beautiful work, as usual. Positively dreamy.

    I would probably pick that out–but just the stitches that are on the red.

  2. This is beautiful! I’m with Rian; in fact, I just wrote a post about this sort of thing. On the other hand, joining up must be very difficult on a long arm.
    I know what you mean about the ideas coming out of somewhere and you don’t know where. It’s a good thing.

  3. Looking great Deb!

    As to the white thread on red…I would pick out that part. But I know more than a few people who would say color that thread red with a pigma pen. I say do what makes you comfortable. And either way, the quilt looks beautiful!

  4. The quilt is beautiful!!!

  5. Deb, it’s gorgeous … REALLY. I’m in the color-it-with-permanent-marker camp. It’s so tiny and your work is so beautiful–no one will ever see it but you.

  6. That is so pretty. Your quilting makes it.

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