Dressed for Dinner

February 3, 2008

I have made more progress on Mr. Turkey.


His head and neck tie are done. I picked out buttons for his vest and one for his eye but I’m not going to put them on until after it is quilted. Hopefully I won’t lose them by then. I also redid part of his comb.


I don’t know if you can see on top of his head here in this old photo; the large loop has some pointed areas that did not make a smooth curve. That is where I clipped the curves in order to make smooth curves. It didn’t work. On the small part I did not clip the curves and it came out smoother. So I removed the large part and did it again. Much better! No more curve clipping for me!

I’ve been debating whether this really is a turkey, or what. In the pattern it is called a turkey. But I thought only roosters had combs. But if it was a rooster it would need a wattle under its chin, right? I don’t know- I’ll just call him a turkey.

Next comes his tail!!



  1. Turkey or Rooster? who cares?
    Looking good!

  2. I sure like the way yours is turning out.

    I looked at my kit this afternoon and am a bit worried. It didn’t say what fabrics were for what part of the turkey or rooster:). I may have to go to the store and take a picture of the quilt for future reference:)
    I also noticed it didn’t come with borders so I guess we will still have to buy those once the quilt is done.

  3. How about Mr. Poultry *s* He’s lookin’ good.

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