Dressed for Dinner

January 20, 2008

I’ve never been too confident with my appliqué. In fact I’ve avoided it at any cost!

Well I decided this year to challenge myself to get comfortable with appliqué. I signed up at my LQS for a hand appliqué class that will be based on this quilt, Dressed for Dinner.


Saturday was our first class and it went very well. For the first month we will be working on the turkey in the top right hand corner. Here is the progress I have made so far.


He is a handsome dude, with pinstripes and a checked vest. One of the nice things about the instructions on this pattern is that she has numbered which order the pieces need to be appliquéd. It is easy enough to figure that out but nice to have it already done!! Next I’ll be working on the wings and then the head. Last to be appliquéd is the tail.



  1. That is a very cute quilt. If I had wall space in my kitchen (I have zip) that is something I would like to make.

    I used to fear “the A word” too, but it’s not so bad. It beats mindless repetitive piecing any day. And it’s a good skill to have in your repertoire.

  2. Very cute. I like those fabrics for the turkey.

  3. If I ever settled down to do applique, I think I would be hooked. But, I have too many other techniques vying for attention. Like Rian I have no walls in my kitchen which makes cute kitchen wallhangings or pictures out of the question-rats.

    Good luck with Applique. I will be a nice break from long arm quilting.

  4. Well this quilt should certainly hone your applique skills. I don’t really enjoy applique myself – I sometimes fuse large pieces and blanket stitch them by hand but that’s about it. One of these days I’d like to play more with raw edge applique on the longarm.

  5. I certainly admire you for taking on this challenge. It’s a lovely quilt and the class will help. Good luck.

  6. Hey Deb – what a small world. I found a yahoo applique group and joined it yesterday and found you through a lady who took this class with you . How about that.

    See you at Guild!

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