January 17, 2008

My father-in-law did some consulting work with a company in Hawaii about 10 years ago. As a thank you, or Mahalo, they gave him this Hawaiian quilt block framed under glass.


Isn’t it beautiful?! The block is hand appliquéd and hand quilted. I believe that the block depicts breadfruit.


Look at all that tiny hand work. How were all those edges turned under so smoothly without losing the shapes? Clearly it is the work of a Master.



  1. It is beautiful. We had a program at guild by someone who learned Hawaiian quilting when her husband was stationed there. She took lessons from a local woman. Apparently the designs are very traditional and innovation isn’t exactly welcomed. Very interesting story.

  2. Beautiful . . . another technique I’d like to try one day *s*

  3. It’s lovely. Another thing to add to the list of “someday.”

  4. They use needle turn and lots of basting…My mom did a lot of Hawaiian quilting…I saw a lovely HUGE quilt in Hawaii last year…pretty amazing!

  5. It is gorgeous. I did a Hawaiian block once, for a gift for someone who let us use her condo on Maui. It didn’t turn out very well and Ithink that was the last time I ever did any hand sewing!

    You are right, that is breadfruit.

  6. Always intriguing to me; never done! I guess I am in good company here.

  7. It’s beautiful, I plan to do a single block one of these days just to have tried the technique. I love how this one is framed.

  8. Looks great..you’ll do beautifully!!

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