Ring Out the Old

December 31, 2007

I looked back at my archives to see how well I met the goals that I set up for this year and I could not find any goals posted. Well, I guess if you don’t set any goals it is easy to meet them!!

I do remember a few goals that I had set for myself though. I planned to help Quilt Studio reach their goal of 40 donated quilts by quilting tops. I had planned to participate in the 12×12 project with Quilt Studio. And I wanted to learn more about quilting on a longarm and practice, practice, practice. I think those were basically the goals I had for 2007.


I am happy to report that Quilt Studio easily met the goal of 40 finished quilts donated to various organizations. A lot of lovely quilts came out of that project and it was great to see how everyone worked together to get them done. Each person donated something unique to each quilt. Thanks to everyone who participated.


I didn’t fair so well with the 12×12 project. The goal was to finish one 12″x12″ journal page per month, any subject. I did OK January though April and then in May the train left the track. I think that I took on too many other projects at that time which took priority away from the journal pages.


And, lastly, I am happy with the progress that I have made on my longarm skills. I took two classes this year; one with Kathy Olsen and the other with Sherry Rogers-Harrison. Both classes helped to improve and vary the work I am able to do on the longarm. I also read books by Karen McTavish, Phyllis Miller, Barbara Chainey, and Anita Shackelford and I watched DVDs from Pam Clarke, Dawn Ramirez and Sharon Shamburg. All of this combined with many hours of practicing have brought my skills up to where I think they should be at this point.

On the home front, I am thankful that all of my family is healthy. We had some challenges over the year in the health department but at this point those challenges have all been over come. Both of my boys started taking classes with the community college and did well as they continued their schooling at home. Christina is doing well with her reading and is beginning to write. Those are both big accomplishments for her.

So, all in all, 2007 was a good year. But I am ready to ring out the old and ring in the new…



  1. Sounds like you have set up a very nice (and manageable) list of goals . . . now go have fun!

  2. How exciting to do quilts based on the Riverwalk! I still look back on the 2 weeks I spent there as a high point.

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