Santa Is Good

December 28, 2007

Santa was good to me this year. I found under the tree a new CPU. My old computer was as slow as molasseses. My boys kept telling me that it was state of the art… 10 years ago! Santa was so good that he even set the new computer up for me and promised to transfer files as I need them. You can’t beat that!

I also found a few good books under the tree.


The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolff. This book is a treasure chest of techiques; gathering, shirring, ruffles flounces, godets, pleating, smocking, tucking, cording, quilting, stuffing, and darts. And it has lots of ideas on how to incorporate these techniques into your projects. This book alone should keep me busy for a while!


Next up is 1000 great quilting designs by Luise Roberts. It is a fat little book with lots of pictures of quilting motifs. It will be great for perusing when I need ideas for a quilt.


And last, but not least, is Quilting for Show by Karen McTavish. Karen has included a lot of tips and ideas for show quality quilting. But best of all are the wonderful photos of incredible quilts.

Well, I’d better get to work; I have a lot of reading to do!



  1. Lucky you all around! Enjoy.

  2. The Art of Manipulating Fabric is a wonderful book! I’ve enjoyed mine for a while.

  3. Sounds like Santa was good to you! I have the book with the 1000 quilting designs but I don’t pull it out often, I need to take another look at it.

  4. I also got the 1000 quilting designs last year from my mom-in-law. It really rocks!

    Happy quilting in the new year!

  5. Santa really was good to you! Love the photo of the front of Manipulating Fabric.

  6. I love Wolff’s book! Happy New Year!

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